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Accelerated Free Fall Course

AFF Course Description

    The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) method is the most progressive method of skydiving instruction in use today. If you want to learn to skydive, and become a licensed jumper, this course is for you.

    Due to the intensity of a first skydive, we suggest that you do at least one tandem jump before entering this skydiving course.

    After attending the Canopy Flight Training class, you will make two instructional tandem skydives under the supervision of certified instructor. You will then attend an Accelerated Free Fall class, and your next skydive will be made solo, under the supervision of our instructors.

    All of our instructors are certified and rated by the United States Parachute Association and have logged thousands of jumps. Each class and jump is priced individually, so you can go at your own pace. All learning objectives must be met before you are cleared for the next level.


Canopy Flight Training Class $85

   This class lasts approximately 3-4 hours and familiarizes the student with the parachute system's operation.

Learning objectives:

-Learn Skydiving Aircraft Procedures

-Identify the parts of a standard parachute system

-Explain how a skydiver's parachute deploys

-Understand why and how modern parachutes fly

-Explain the difference between ground speed and air speed

-Properly plan an approach pattern based on wind direction and speed

-Understand how to safely fly a parachute to the ground

-Understand and use an altimeter

***class' are scheduled on as needed basis.  The class fee is due when you sign up.  $30 fee will be charged for not canceling an appointment without 24hrs notice or if you don't show up.


CFT Level I - Tandem Jump $195  ($10 discount for cash)

   As an AFF student, your first two skydives will be using the Tandem System. Today's parachutes operate like inflatable air foils, and you must learn the concepts and skills needed to pilot one. Having a qualified instructor along to coach you enhances your learning and safety during freefall and under canopy.

Learning Objectives:

-Demonstrate safe procedures around the parachute and aircraft

-Maintain altitude and instructor awareness throughout the skydive

-Demonstrate good body position in freefall

-Activate the parachute at the assigned altitude

-Fly the parachute safely back to the landing area, choosing the appropriate flight pattern


CFT Level II - Tandem Jump $190  ($10 discount for cash)

Learning Objectives:

-Demonstrate controlled free fall maneuvers
-Demonstrate stability in free fall


   This class lasts approximately 5-6 hours and will further familiarize the student with parachute systems. The student will learn about the different types of parachute failure that may occur, and will get hands on experience in emergency procedures.

Learning objectives:

-Perform a pre flight gear check under supervision and identify potential problems

-Identify different types of parachute failures visually

-Explain how to distinguish between a properly opened parachute and a partial or total malfunction

-Practice proper emergency procedures

***class' are scheduled on as needed basis.  The class fee is due when you sign up.  $30 fee will be charged for not canceling an appointment without 24hrs notice or if you don't show up.


AFF LEVEL I - VII Jumps $190-$220 ($10 discount for cash)

   During this series of solo jumps, we will provide you with all the equipment necessary to begin your solo skydive career.

   Based upon your skills demonstrated during your CFT jumps, you will be evaluated for one or two jumpmaster AFF jumps.

   The student will be accompanied by one or if needed in the beginning two instructors in freefall. The student will learn and demonstrate increased control techniques and freefall maneuvers on each jump, and will be expected to safely fly and land the parachute.

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