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Cessna 182

Cessna 205

Cessna 206

 Rigging Services

Complete rigging services are available at Skydive Jersey Shore.

 Jump Tickets

10,500 ft - $22
5,000 ft - $17

Night Jumps

Currently there are no Night Jumps scheduled this 2012 season

(click here for more info)

 Water Training

  Water Training - Water Training scheduled for sometime this July 2012 season. Check back soon.

 Reading material

Survival Skills for Canopy Control (A PD seminar)

The Low Down On Low Turns

PIA Dual Square Report

SSK has put the CYPRES user manual online.

 Bounce Anonymous

Don't know what Bounce Anonymous is?
Read a testimonial from a recovering chronic bouncer.

We are always looking for additional topics.
Please Contact Mike if you are interested in covering a topic.
If you would like to see some of our topics, here is a list for the meetings

Hi All !!!! Just getting the word out that the first BA meeting of the season will be held soon. Please check back.

For those people that are new to BA meetings, we meet once a month during the summer, (and sometimes fall), to discuss…
you guessed it…SAFETY.

click here for more info.

Safety Corner

Did you know these things about CYPRES?

-Batteries Must Be Replaced
once the self-test has stopped at 8998 (voltage too low), after two years, or after 500 jumps (whichever comes first).

-Reset Your CYPRESS...
A) If you land out, and the altitude of your alternate landing area is greater than 30 ft. + or - that of the intended landing area; or if the trip back to the DZ takes you + or - 30 ft in altitude from the intended landing area.

B) If the MSL of the intended landing area changes. (you go to another DZ.


Skydive Jersey Shore is a drop zone with a family atmosphere, located within an hour of New York City.
We are currently looking for instructional and office staff for the 2012 season.

Contact Mike at
732 938 9002

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