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 How Safe Is It?

 Skydiving incidents on the whole are very rare (about 1 in every 80,000) jumps. We go to great lengths to make your first skydive as safe as possible. Due to the nature of the sport of skydiving, it would be foolish to think that there are no inherent risks involved. (After all, we are jumping out of airplanes). We have an excellent safety record, and WE LOVE TO BRAG!!!! Call and ask about it.

 We are USPA

 We are a USPA group member, which means only approved training methods, modern equipment, and properly rated instructors will be used at our drop zone.

 Experienced, Qualified Instructors

 Our instructors have been certified through extremely rigorous programs. They each have thousands of jumps, and hold highly respected ratings in skydiving. It's your right to see their rating cards, and they'll be proud to show you. We take great pride in the safety record and education of all our instructors.

 Top Equipment

 All of our skydiving systems (rigs) are of the highest quality, and are maintained by FAA certified parachute riggers. All of our rigs contain a backup parachute which is thoroughly inspected and repacked by an FAA certificated parachute rigger every 180 days (even if it hasn't been used).

 Cypres Equipped

 Each of our student and tandem systems also contains a very modern computerized device which is designed to automatically activate the backup parachute at a predetermined altitude in the event that the skydiver is unable to.

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